Thursday, May 9, 2013

Getting Ready For The Shower!!!

I've been so busy lately. Between getting things ready for a bridal shower for my daughter and doing some spring cleaning I've been pretty much straight out. So much to do. My energy ends up running out long before the day ends.

So here's a few pictures of the bedsprings I bought on Ebay. They were new looking ones and I'd would have rathered they were rusted. But the price was right for these. So I got out my spray paint I spray painted them with primer first and then sprayed a layer of a brown paint and then a brownish colored stone paint that I bought at the $ store. I just love those dollar stores. You can get so many things fro crafting there. So..... My husband looked at them and said "they looked like they're rusted." WooHoo!!! Yeah!!!! That's what I was going for! Thanks honey!

I'm using these bedsprings to hold a cone made from scrapbooking paper that I will be filling with my homemade caramel popcorn! My middle daughters idea because she loves it

I also bought some pint size canning jars at walmart and some bags of small garden stones at the $ store. I put a layer of stone in the bottom of the canning jars. I had some landscaping paper, used to keep the weeds out of the garden....and I cut circles from it to lay over the stones. Now I will be planting some flowers in the canning jars and the little circle of paper will keep the dirt from going down into the stones. At least I hope so! On top of the dirt of the flower I will put some green moss to dress it up. I also painted the lids of the canning jars in the same manner as the bedsprings. Tied a thank you card on the jar with the raffia and we have a sweet gift for the shower guests to take home with them and at the same time decorate the tables!

Don't forget to poke the pictures for a larger loook!