Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well here are the end results! Wicker plant stand finished. It has a few flaws.....I need to get the holes for the wires closer to the edge of the wood......I need thicker wire for the legs, altho I did double wrap them and they look better but would be a little sturdier with thicker wires. Other than that I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

Thanks Casey!

I'm showing the stand next to the cord that I used. That one back leg on the right looks a little wonky in the doesn't in real life so must be the angle....hummmmm.

Now I wonder if I could make a chair.....and no way am I taking apart the one I won from you Casey....oh my. That chair is awesome. Here's a picture of that chair in a scene I created for it.

Don't forget to poke the pictures to make them larger!

 I'd destroy it if I took it apart.....but for some things.....don't you find yourself wanting to take something apart just so you can see how they did it? I've wanted to do that before but usually chicken out since I don't want to destroy the one I have! HA!

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to look for the next project to work on........

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I loved the wicker plant stand that Casey showed us how to do over on her blog a little bit ago. So I just had to try my hand at one too. I've done plenty of things in wicker.....hats, baskets, pet beds, easy things,  but haven't tried something a little more difficult like one of these. Now I suppose this means I'll need to make some plants to fill it with too right? And that is definately out of my comfort zone...I don't do flowers.

I was the lucky winner of one of Casey's drawings and won a wicker chair that she made. I've created a scene around that chair. I think I posted a picture of that in an earlier post. If not I'll find that picture and post it here. I'd really like to get braver one of these days and try a chair. Before I jump the gun on that I'll see how this planter goes first!

You'll see here that I'm not finished yet but I've got the hard part done. The worst was drilling the do you get them evenly spaced?.....and the wires all glued in. That's the hard part. The fun part is the weaving for me! So I have the bottom weaving done. Now I'll wrap the legs with the cord and then start on the top part of the weaving.

I'll have more pictures when I finish it. BEFORE I put plants in it. That might detract from the planter itself....did I mention that plants are not exactly my cup of tea?
 And in case anyone is wondering....I use a waxed Irish linen cord on the wicker that I do. I'd like to try Casey's method of cotton threads slid thru wax. But I have to find some of that wax!

And please take note...if you try this yourself...refer back to Casey's blog and her instructions...not mine....I'm a novice for sure. Just playing around. And definately use heavier wire for the legs as Casey suggests. I had to use what I had on hand since I don't have a store to run to when I need something. Closest craft store for me is Michaels and that's over an hour drive. So it's something I have to plan for.  And altho the thinner wire was fine for me it would be easier to handle while weaving if it had the thicker wire and I'll definately find some before I make another.

But it has been fun and I'm almost done. So new pictures soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Supply Swap

I'd like to share some pictures of some treasures I recieved in a supply swap with Anna. Here is a link to Anna's blog. Please take a jump over there and see all of the wonderful treasures Anna picks up in her travels to Flea Markets, lawn sales, goodwill shops and more. The girl is a detective sniffing out the best stuff! She's amazing. I'd love to go treasure hunting with her. She sent me so many cool  things I can't wait to find a mini use for. The ideas have been swirling thru my head but I've been so bogged down with "real" life that my mini life has taken a back seat. We experienced some awesome weather for a week or so, in the mid 80's, and we were able to get all the summer furniture out of the barn and placed around. Then the weather turned cold again and we've had snowflakes yesterday and today. Crazy!

So for now check out the pictures and see all the cool stuff Anna sent me! I absolutely love supply swaps! I look forward to doing another sometime.

Did she spoil me or what? Tons of cool little things! Check out the tiny gold pieces in the last picture. Don't they look like they'd make awesome lipsticks? A little fimo for the lipstick itself and wa-la!

I have so many new followers.....I should be introducing them. And I will soon I promise. In the meantime go down to my list of followers and check them out. Click on them and go and visit their blogs. There are so many wonderful miniature artists out there. I just love sitting here early in the morning with my coffee and browsing thru everyones blogs. Wonderful pictures of miniature creations that are so inspiring. Thank you to everyone out there for sharing your miniature creations with us all!

Monday, April 12, 2010

American Miniaturist March Issue Utility Shelf

Check out the American Miniaturist mag issue number 83 March. Inside you'll find some awesome tutorials for creating a utility shelf full of all the essentials you'll need for that spring cleaning in your dollhouse! My contribution was a tutorial for making a sponge mop. There are many tutorials thru out the magazine all contributed by a small private miniature group I belong to. Jamie Folks utility shelf is featured on the cover of the mag and you'll see the shelves the rest of us made throughout the magazine. See Jaimes blog here:
We're working out some details for another project for the magazine. So stay tuned!

The pictures above are my shelf displayed in my basement roombox.

Don't forget to poke the picture to look at the larger version.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I see Casey over at nominated me for this award. Thank you Casey! I'm to chose 5 blogs to award it to. So let me award it to the following:
Jamie at Check out Jaime's blog, she's working on her cabin and doing a splendid job!
Anna at Be sure to go over and see Anna's blog. She has a tutorial for making the sweetest pipe cleaner animals. She's done a wonderful job with the tutorial.
Doreen at Doreen has a wonderful blog with a gorgeous dollhouse she has worked so hard on making things for and beautiful pictures of the river she lives on and all the activities that go on there.
Kim at Kim has THE most wonderful bakery roomboxes filled with delicious cupcakes!
Debie at Check out Debie's blog to see the most wonderful handsculpted dolls that she makes. Absolutely wonderful!