Sunday, April 18, 2010

Supply Swap

I'd like to share some pictures of some treasures I recieved in a supply swap with Anna. Here is a link to Anna's blog. Please take a jump over there and see all of the wonderful treasures Anna picks up in her travels to Flea Markets, lawn sales, goodwill shops and more. The girl is a detective sniffing out the best stuff! She's amazing. I'd love to go treasure hunting with her. She sent me so many cool  things I can't wait to find a mini use for. The ideas have been swirling thru my head but I've been so bogged down with "real" life that my mini life has taken a back seat. We experienced some awesome weather for a week or so, in the mid 80's, and we were able to get all the summer furniture out of the barn and placed around. Then the weather turned cold again and we've had snowflakes yesterday and today. Crazy!

So for now check out the pictures and see all the cool stuff Anna sent me! I absolutely love supply swaps! I look forward to doing another sometime.

Did she spoil me or what? Tons of cool little things! Check out the tiny gold pieces in the last picture. Don't they look like they'd make awesome lipsticks? A little fimo for the lipstick itself and wa-la!

I have so many new followers.....I should be introducing them. And I will soon I promise. In the meantime go down to my list of followers and check them out. Click on them and go and visit their blogs. There are so many wonderful miniature artists out there. I just love sitting here early in the morning with my coffee and browsing thru everyones blogs. Wonderful pictures of miniature creations that are so inspiring. Thank you to everyone out there for sharing your miniature creations with us all!


  1. I'm so glad you like everything. When I saw your post first thing this morning I only saw the picture and clicked on it without looking at who posted. I was thinking Wow what cool stuff.. then I realized it was stuff I had sent to you... no wonder I liked it so much. LOL. I would love to do another supply swap with you. I love sharing all the strange stuff I've collected.

  2. Wow! So many supplies! Definitely spoiled in a good way. :)