Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I loved the wicker plant stand that Casey showed us how to do over on her blog http://caseymini.blogspot.com/ a little bit ago. So I just had to try my hand at one too. I've done plenty of things in wicker.....hats, baskets, pet beds, easy things,  but haven't tried something a little more difficult like one of these. Now I suppose this means I'll need to make some plants to fill it with too right? And that is definately out of my comfort zone...I don't do flowers.

I was the lucky winner of one of Casey's drawings and won a wicker chair that she made. I've created a scene around that chair. I think I posted a picture of that in an earlier post. If not I'll find that picture and post it here. I'd really like to get braver one of these days and try a chair. Before I jump the gun on that I'll see how this planter goes first!

You'll see here that I'm not finished yet but I've got the hard part done. The worst was drilling the holes....how do you get them evenly spaced?.....and the wires all glued in. That's the hard part. The fun part is the weaving for me! So I have the bottom weaving done. Now I'll wrap the legs with the cord and then start on the top part of the weaving.

I'll have more pictures when I finish it. BEFORE I put plants in it. That might detract from the planter itself....did I mention that plants are not exactly my cup of tea?
 And in case anyone is wondering....I use a waxed Irish linen cord on the wicker that I do. I'd like to try Casey's method of cotton threads slid thru wax. But I have to find some of that wax!

And please take note...if you try this yourself...refer back to Casey's blog and her instructions...not mine....I'm a novice for sure. Just playing around. And definately use heavier wire for the legs as Casey suggests. I had to use what I had on hand since I don't have a store to run to when I need something. Closest craft store for me is Michaels and that's over an hour drive. So it's something I have to plan for.  And altho the thinner wire was fine for me it would be easier to handle while weaving if it had the thicker wire and I'll definately find some before I make another.

But it has been fun and I'm almost done. So new pictures soon!


  1. I have a couple of suggestions for you. The plant stand looks good so far, but I would suggest that you use a larger gage wire for the legs next time. The plant stand will be sturdier and stand better if you do. As for the wax, I use bee's wax that you can buy at any bead shop. I don't use the kind that people buy for sewing. It leaves an unpleasant residue build up. Keep up the good work!

    Hugs, Casey

  2. I made a similar plant stand in a class. The teacher told us to wrap the legs with the cord to help with the scale and the sturdiness. Before we wrapped the legs, we painted/stained beads and made "feet". Beads were also added to the top 4 corners of the basket. I like how it turned out.

  3. Thanks Casey and Carol! I will be wrapping the legs with the cord to give them a little more bulk....I didn't have any wires larger than these so they'll have to suffice....Next time I'll make sure I have thicker wires for the legs. Boohoo for me I have no bead shops or craft shops in my area...just little ole Wally World I'm afraid. But I'll look for some of that bees wax online. My favorite place to shop. Great idea about the beads Carol for the top and the feet. I'll try that and see how that works for me. Carolyn

  4. Carolyn, I have been teaching wicker for at least 20 years. I started with copying real furniture and taking measurments from the pieces. Not only do I use heavier wire for the legs, I also wrap them. This gives more reality to the pieces. Please try one with at least a couple sizes larger for the legs.I think that you will be happier with the piece if you do. You could always take the chair that I sent you apart and see how I did it....LOL Well, maybe that isn't such a good idea.... But seriously, inspect the chair and see how the thicker legs and back make all the difference in the piece. Good Luck! BTW. Don't scrap the first one. Keep going. I still have my first chair. I unraveled needlepoint canvas to get the thread for that one. Very primitive, but I still hang on to it to see how far I have come.Can't wait to see what you do.

  5. Thanks Casey! I'm definately going to get ahold of some heavier wire to use for the legs and make another. I also read someplace about using more than one wire for the legs....I thought 2 would make the leg appear flat looking and 3 would have been too much. This has been fun! Thanks for all the advise and help! I sincerely appreciate it. I just love to learn new things! You have a wealth of knowledge and it's wonderful of you to share that with us. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! I still have to get some supplies together to try those baskets we talked about a while back. I never did find that needlepoint cloth. But I keep my eye out!

  6. Carolyn, the needlepoint canvas is another thing that you can order on line. There are lots of places that sell it by the yard and just a little goes a long way.

  7. Looks like I need to sit down and do some serious shopping.....shhhhhh. Keep that a secret! Wouldn't want the hub to hear that! LOL!