Tuesday, September 8, 2009


And the winner is...............................Doreen...............Thank you Doreen for your thoughts on what the skellie ladies were talking about! Please send me your address and I'll mail you your prize!


I'm not really thinking it's a safe thing to post haley picture on my blog. So you see her little hands anyways. She thought this was great fun and wanted to draw another name. I'm going to have another drawing in a few weeks. A little twist to the next one. See if we can get more people to enter. For every person that promotes the drawing on their own blog I'll enter you name into the bowl again. I need to work on those details because I'd like to enter your name for every person that you refer over to my blog that enters the drawing. If you refer 5 people and they all commented and joined the drawing and told me that you referred them I'll enter your name in 5 times! More details later. For now we'll get this gift off to Doreen!

Thank you everyone!

Today's the day for the drawing. All of the names.....well I think there is only 5.....will be put in a bowl and I'll let haley draw a name out. I'll be back later with some pictures of the drawing.....


  1. Hehehee, I have given you a award for your blog if you would like to pick it up on my blog! :P


  2. Carolyn! You have a couple of awards over at my blog. Please come get them.