Saturday, May 1, 2010


Last year for my birthday my husband bought me a mini cordless dremel. I bought some teeny tiny drill bits from Harbor Freight to use in it. But I couldn't! The reason why you ask? Because my collet was too big! Hummmm. So what to do? Buy smaller collets at $3 or $4 a piece? Or buy a chuck that you can use for different size drills? So after doing some research last night on the internet I found the dremel site. It told me that I could find this chuck at Lowes. And since we have one about 15 minutes from here I called them to see if they had any in stock. They do and it's $10. So today I go there to buy one and see if it works for the teeny tiny drills I bought at HF. I'll give you an update once I see how it works.

When I made the plant stand from Casey's how to, I had to use my husbands big orange drill to drill all those holes....oh killed my arm. And it made it so that my hand shook, (oh my is that a word? sounds weird) and I couldn't get very close to the edge of the wood. I'm hoping that I can get this to work with my dremel so I can make another and make my job a little easier! Easy is always better. Why would I want to do everything the hard way?!!!!!!

Here's a picture of the dremel I have with her battery sitting next to her. In front of her are all the drill bits I have. I put a toothpick in there too so you can see just how tiny some of them are! Can't imagine why I would want to drill a hole that tiny....only a thread could pass thru them....but hey, someday I may want to make a hole in something to pass a thread I'll have them. Nothing worse than not having exactly what you need and having to make do with something that doesn't work as well.

Tomorrow is the Syracuse Miniature Enthusists Dollhouse Show and Sale. I'm like a 9 year old little girl on Christmas Eve day. I can't wait for tomorrow. ( But I'm at the age where I hate to wish my life away) It's the only show I get to go to and it's a little less than a 2 hour drive North from here. I'll be going again, like last year, by myself. I hate making the drive home alone because I'm usually tired and that's a long drive for me. But really it's worth it I suppose. No one is there behind me saying....Are you ready to go yet? Didn't you already go around once, Are you ready to go yet, Didn't you already look at that? Are you ready? My husband went with me the first two times and he really enjoyed it the first time. The second time he wasn't as thrilled I suppose and he tried to be patient. ( I mean he kinda had many hunting shows and sales have I been to with him?) He would take my purchases out to the car so I didn't have to keep carrying them around. That was awesome...He sat in the car and read a book he brought...he went for a walk around the area....then he was ready to go! LOL! So if I go by myself I can stay as long as I like. With no one chattering in my ear. Once I know he's ready to roll I can't really relax!

And altho it's a small is wonderful. So many nice people that work so hard to bring this to us. This will be the 4th year I've gone.

 It's wonderful to see all of the miniatures in person, since most miniature shopping I do is on the internet and I don't really get to see it until it arrives. Not that I'm usually disappointed but it's just so nice to stand right there up close and personal and see them in real life!

 I'll give you an update in the next day or two and show you the treasures I've bought. I'm hoping to find an old haggard lady for my basement roombox. I want her in there folding all the laundry that needs folding! (Actually I don't mind doing the washing, drying and folding myself...I just hate to put it away. My kids always had to get their clothes out of baskets when they were in high school. Hey I worked fulltime....with a house, a husband and 3 kids....they're lucky it was folded and not just in a pile someplace getting all wrinkled! )  I'm hoping to check out the one from Marcia Backstrom that Falcon puts out made in pocketbook doesn't allow for an original sculpture of hers but I sure wish it did! I can do resin and be happy with that! Her dolls are just awesome aren't they? I love the haggard ladies with the cigerettes sticking out of their mouths! HA! A little bit raunchy!

So until tomorrow, after the show......I'll be back. With a treasure or two I hope!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I too had the same dilemma with my dremel but I have to say the tiny drill bits are really useful and easy to handle.
    However, I also have about 101 other pieces to go with it that I have not got a clue how to use, or fit or any idea what they are.
    I need a dremel blog!

  2. I could have sent you an adjustable chuck with the swap if I'd known you needed one. I have a spare now that I have my new craftsman rotary tool. It worked with my old Black and Decker brand rotary tool and my mom uses one with her Dremel tool so I'm sure it will work with yours.