Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 More Weeks of This?

I guess it could be worse....we could be at the beginning of the winter rather than having it winding down.

Pictures above are my backyard. Well we have a lot of backyard, 6 1/2 acres of it. So this is a small portion of my backyard. It's very wintery. You can see the barn is buried in snow. I don't think we can slide the door open at this point. The snow is amost thigh high down there. Guess I'll stay up here and look at it out the window!

Lots of mini work going on but none ready for pictures yet! Soon tho!

Have a wonderful warm day today....whereever you may be!



  1. I live in Minnesota and this could sometimes be us- so I have sympathy for you! I hope you can dig out soon- stay warm!!!

    PS- I love the pic of your barn- and the cardinal too!

  2. Thanks Kim! Just a few more weeks of this stuff and then we should see nicer weather. It can get bad in Minnesota too? Thankfully we have our mini passion to keep us busy while we struggle to stay warm and cozy!

  3. I'm with you on this! Enough snow. It's not even slightly charming anymore! Hang in there.


  4. It's cold and snowy here as well (Ontario, Canada).
    Those pictures are great. I especially love the cardinal. They are my favorites. :)


  5. Looks like Cardinal is cold too. I love the picture. Time to try your scroll saw. I am planning to post some patterns for fretwork in minis on my blog. The tea with lemon or honey seems to be good too. Stay warm and saved. Summer is coming. Natalia

  6. Las fotos son preciosas y el no poder salir por el frio para las que hacemos minis nos sirve para adelantar nuestros proyectos.
    Un abrazo

  7. Oh dear, where do you live?? That looks terrible, you poor thing. I live in Orlando, I won't say any more LOL. You left the kindest comment on my blog, you made my day! You have a great one!