Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elegant Room Box

Seems like I haven't posted anything new here in forever! I have had a couple of requests lately and I appreciate the help that has been offered! A big shout out goes to all of you that helped me figure out some mini things I've been working on.

Another project I spent some time on the last few days is this roombox. It's quite large length wise but is only about 4 inches deep. Which is really nice if you want to display a lot of minis at close range. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this yet, whether to keep it or sell it on Ebay. I really don't have a use for it right now and I do have another kit just like this in case I do need it for my own collection.

Which do you like to use? Dollhouses or roomboxes? I only have one dollhouse, the Bellingham farm House. It's all I have room for in this house. So I prefer roomboxes. Which I have several of. Some of which I've shown here on my blog.

So are a few pics of the construction of this newest roombox.

Here I"m getting ready to add the angled wall.

This roombox has an angled wall on the left hand side, with a window that you can place a scene behind. Kinda cool!

A nice little window scene. A victorian garden.

And this is the mess I was left with when I finished!

And here is the box completed. I even added the crown moulding on the ceiling. Oh my what a hassle that was cutting all those angles. But I managed to do it adventually. Took a few cuts before I got them right! HA!


  1. It's a very nice box. The wallpaper is beautiful! =)

  2. I have never done a doll house, but have always thought how fun it would fun be to decorate to my hearts content with all things little. I love this room box the wall paper is fabulous!! You win the award for the sweetest comment ever!! I made my day! thanks for stopping by, good luck on my giveaway!!


  3. Me encanta esa escena! es muy hermosa la esquina Un abrazo

  4. This is cute! I wanna make one!! Great colors too.

  5. I have a lot of boxes but can't come with any ideas for roomboxes. Looking at yours I get the inspiration! Can't wait to see the finished project!