Sunday, March 4, 2012

OH What A Mess I've Made

This is the worst part of making a new up the mess! If only I could get someone else to come in and do that part! But I'm sure I'd never find where they put all my "stuff". And I can't be without my "stuff".
Here's a little peek! I already did clean up a great deal of it. All the little scraps of matboard....the wax paper I did my glueing on....the cup of water to clean off my brushes...the little wet rags I use to clean up a bit as I go....all of that is gone. All that's left is all the tools. And I need to leave it all out because I still have to make the faucet and drain. Did you notice that there wasn't a faucet on it yet? I also need to make the crown moulding along the top of the upper cabinets. That is an awesome touch and I really want to do it.

I just couldn't wait to show you!

Did you also notice the other little important stuff like the telephone and the cup of coffee? Hee...Can't be anyplace without those. Unless I change up the coffee for a diet Mountain Dew!

OH And I'm going to make the kitchen hutch that Kris made a tutorial for too. I want that to go with this kitchen cupboard set. Not sure what scene I'm going to create around it yet. If I go too far with this scene I'll need to add a stove and refrigerator. Table and Chairs. Hummmmm lots of ideas!

I've always wanted to create a scene in a pretty box. Not sure what they're called....oh wait....maybe....breakaway? But I don't want it to close up. I want two sides of the box to be open with plexiglass. What do they call those boxes? Maybe I can use this in a box such as that. We'll see what develops.

I think it was Chris that asked me in the last post where I got the matboard. I bought it at Hobby Lobby. I bought a big sheet....I think it was like 32" x 40" and I paid 12.99 for it. I asked them to cut it in half for me so it would be easier for me to handle and they even enveloped it in cardboard for me. That was really nice of them! I think someone mentioned one time that they got their supplier to give them some of the small pieces they can't use for picture framing. I'll have to try to remember to ask next time I go in. I don't get to go there very often since it's over an hour away. But my daughter lives up there and I always make a point to go in to the craft stores when I'm there visiting her.

Have a great day everyone. Here in New York it's nice and cold and sunny. A perfect day to work on miniatures! I hope you find time today to do that too!


  1. That is beautiful! And it's so nice to see another work table during the working.

  2. It really is turning out wonderful, love getting to see another work space!Love the 'mess' ;)