Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CupCake Anyone?

My little contribution for the Easter decor!

It's a dark and dismal day here today so the pics could be a little clearer, brighter. But I think you get the idea!
Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mini Go Round Swapping Group

Mini Go Round or MGR for short is the name of a private swapping group I am so fortunate to belong to. This is a group of the most amazing miniature creators. I've recieved 100's of miniature creations from these ladies over the course of approx. the last 10 years. I've filled my roomboxes with so many creations that I wouldn't have if it weren't for these ladies. I can't sing thier praises enough.

I'll share some pictures in a few minutes. In my last post I showed you a wicker plant stand that I made one time for all of the ladies in the group. I made 10 or 11 of them. One for each of the ladies and one for myself. That's how the group works. We have a box of swaps. When the box arrives at my house I put in enough of what I've made so that each lady in the group recieves one. I then take out one "gift" from each of the ladies that they've put in the box. Then I mail it on to the next lady in the group. She in turn does the same. Adds her miniatures, one for each of the ladies and then takes one from each of the others, including one of what I have just put in. It's an interesting adventure!

Sometimes we have themes that we create for. Such as the project we all worked on together, the Little Girls roombox. We all made things along that theme, things you'd find in a little girls room. We were so happy with the way that turned out that we submitted pictures and articles for the American Miniaturist Magazine, the April issue. If you get that magazine you'll see us in there. Jaime and I also have some really cool tutorials we wrote for the mag. I think this is the 4th time we've been in the AM magazine. We've done an article on a basement theme we did and also a Ladies Boutique theme.

The reason I'm talking a bit more about this group than I usually do is twofold. one because I'm so dang proud of these ladies. And two is because we have had a couple of ladies leave the group because of health reasons. We really like to keep the group at the number 10. That seems to be a nice number for a few reasons. It means the box usually take approx 2 - 3 months to make it's travel back to you so you have plenty of time to make a nice miniature for each of the ladies. And it makes a nice number of miniature creations to receive!

So I'm wondering if maybe there are a couple of people out there that might like to give this venture a try? If you'd like to know more about us you can read all about us in the American Miniaturist magazine. We have been together for about 10 years. We very seldom add new members because no one usually ever leaves. Right now we've had one member leave because she has health problems that she has to concentrate on and another lady is taking care of her elderly mother and needs to take a break to concentrate on her mothers care.

I realize that this is a big commitment. It shouldn't be entered into lightly. The group means a lot to all of us and we've worked hard to keep it strong. We would expect that from a new member too. We put a lot of time and pride into making miniatures to share. That's a big commitment too.

And also one requirement would be that you're located in the United States. The box can not be sent out of the country. It would be too expensive as it is a large box. Usually the larger of the priority boxes. Shipping cost can be anywhere from $8.00 to.... I've seen it as high as $21.00. It usually averages about $12.00 to be mailed. Another thought that needs to be considered. But trust me....the minis inside more than make up for the small cost to mail it! And you only mail it out a few times a year.

If this sounds like a challenge that you may be up to please feel free to contact me privately and I'll try to answer any questions you may have. My email is

I can't wait to hear from some potential future MGR members.

And now some pictures of MGR members contributions.

Everything you see in these pictures was handcrafted by the ladies in the MGR group. They are awesome! Thank you ladies! In fact most everything you see in my Ladies Boutique and Little Girls Roomboxes were made bymembers of the group. If you look down thru my blog posts you'll see pictures of these roomboxes. I think you can click on the link on the right where my entry labels are to get there too.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wicker Plant Stand

Good Morning! Welcome to all of my new followers! It's nice to see you here and I've been checking out all of your blogs too. So much talented writers and creators. I could sit right here all day just reading and reading. But unfortunately real life gets in the way. But I do read as many as I can every day!

I thought I would share a couple of pictures of a little wicker plant stand I made a while back. I made one for each of the ladies in my my miniature group MGR. A wonderful group of creative miniaturists. I'll share some pictures soon of miniatures I've recieved from these lovely ladies!
But for now.....I showed these planters a while back when I was making them. This is the one I ended up keeping for myself.

This green leafy plant is made from masking tape, wire and then painted. The other plants are just some plastic bits and pieces. I'd really like to replace them with some hand created ones. Another project on my to-do list!
Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Gorgeous Giveaway!

The Little House at Pine Haven: SPECIAL POSTMY FIRST GIVEAWAY!The draw will be h...

Run right over to

The Little House at Pine Haven:

for an awesome giveaway! It's an incredibly unique purse! OK I've trid and tried and I can't link up a picture for some reason. Maybe blogger isn't co-operating! So just follow this link

and see for yourself!

I still haven't been able to figure out how to put a link on my sidebar for giveaways and such. Someone tried to help me but nothing I did worked. It's just not my blogger day today!

OH What A Mess I've Made

This is the worst part of making a new up the mess! If only I could get someone else to come in and do that part! But I'm sure I'd never find where they put all my "stuff". And I can't be without my "stuff".
Here's a little peek! I already did clean up a great deal of it. All the little scraps of matboard....the wax paper I did my glueing on....the cup of water to clean off my brushes...the little wet rags I use to clean up a bit as I go....all of that is gone. All that's left is all the tools. And I need to leave it all out because I still have to make the faucet and drain. Did you notice that there wasn't a faucet on it yet? I also need to make the crown moulding along the top of the upper cabinets. That is an awesome touch and I really want to do it.

I just couldn't wait to show you!

Did you also notice the other little important stuff like the telephone and the cup of coffee? Hee...Can't be anyplace without those. Unless I change up the coffee for a diet Mountain Dew!

OH And I'm going to make the kitchen hutch that Kris made a tutorial for too. I want that to go with this kitchen cupboard set. Not sure what scene I'm going to create around it yet. If I go too far with this scene I'll need to add a stove and refrigerator. Table and Chairs. Hummmmm lots of ideas!

I've always wanted to create a scene in a pretty box. Not sure what they're called....oh wait....maybe....breakaway? But I don't want it to close up. I want two sides of the box to be open with plexiglass. What do they call those boxes? Maybe I can use this in a box such as that. We'll see what develops.

I think it was Chris that asked me in the last post where I got the matboard. I bought it at Hobby Lobby. I bought a big sheet....I think it was like 32" x 40" and I paid 12.99 for it. I asked them to cut it in half for me so it would be easier for me to handle and they even enveloped it in cardboard for me. That was really nice of them! I think someone mentioned one time that they got their supplier to give them some of the small pieces they can't use for picture framing. I'll have to try to remember to ask next time I go in. I don't get to go there very often since it's over an hour away. But my daughter lives up there and I always make a point to go in to the craft stores when I'm there visiting her.

Have a great day everyone. Here in New York it's nice and cold and sunny. A perfect day to work on miniatures! I hope you find time today to do that too!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Kitchen for my mini people

blog (1 inch minis by kris) I knew that I was going to have to make it! I just fell completely in love with it for some reason. Well the reason could be because it's just completely gorgeous!

Kris's tutorials are absolutely amazing! Perfect for the beginner or the advanced. I've learned so much from her posts!

I still have a few things to finish up....and I'll show you this again when I get them done. I was just so excited to show you I couldn't wait another day!

Even mine turned out pretty good I think and it was the first time I've ever worked with matboard before.
Thank you so much Kris for your creativeness and generosity! This tutorial was so well planned out and expained and photographed! You are Amazing! I still need to work out the aging process. I ended up leaving it pristine white. I'll have to practise that aging technique.
I encourage everyone to give this a try! It took some time but it just flowed along so well! Thank you thank you thank you!