Saturday, February 23, 2013

I had to take a break from the dollhouse for a few days to make hair bows for my grandaughters. You know, there is just not enough hours in the day to create all the crafts I want to do. Jeez! I have more bows to make but these two were a good start. And a headband using handmade Korker ribbon
And I finished up the comforters I started for the 2 grandgirls about 5 years ago. My daughter bought the fabric. I just needed to sew it all together. The middle shabby is all one piece. From JoAnns fabric. I sewed the striped border on. We love this fabric.
 So they're both done. And then I got back to the dollhouse and I finished up the porch floor finally.

About 6 layers of Polycrylic sealer later......
I have to cut the ends off on the right hand side of the porch and finish glueing in a couple more sticks in the far right corner/back of the porch. But that shouldn't take more than a few minutes and then I can start constructing the porch.

I'm looking for a couple of doors and some louvered shutters if anyone has any that they would care to part with. I would pay you a reasonable amount of course or perhaps you would be interested in a trade of some sort. I'd really like to find a door with a window in it and some nice door trim for the bottom floor. I think I might have a door that is all windows to use for the top balcony. I've been replacing all the windows etc from what came with the kit because they aren't very good quality. But my funds are very limited these days so I have to work mainly with what I have on hand.

I have a large bow window to go on the front of the house. You can see that sitting up on top on the roof. A safe place for it don't ya think? LOL!

I am determined to get this dollhouse done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love this house and it was a dream come true for me to be able to purchase it in the first place. So I am trying really hard to be focused and to get it done!

I'm leaving you with a picture from out my kitchen window. A Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. Aren't they beautiful? Did you know that the bright colored birds are usually the male and the muted colored ones are the female? For safety reasons.


Cheerio! May you all be having a wonderful weekend wherever you may be.

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