Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My daughter and I

For some reason Blogger is giving me a headache. It didn't want me to type until I messed around with some of the settings and then finally it let me. Wonder what is up . Probably mad because I've been gone so long! HA!
Here is a picture of my daughter and I at the rehearsal dinner. We had such a fantastic time at the shower, the rehearsal, my 3 daughters and I and my two granddaughters had a spa day the morning of the wedding. Then the beautiful ceremony and the fun reception! We were all sad when it was over!
I'm hoping with the cooler weather coming I will have more time to blog! We've had such a busy summer I've had limited time on the computer.
But I'm back and hopefully will have some things to blog about and pictures to show!
I don't like to show pictures of myself but I love this one of the two of us. So I thought I would share! 


  1. I love this photo of you and your daugther Carolyn! Indeed you've had a very busy summer!!!

    Jaime ;)

  2. You look lovely with your daughter!

  3. Es una foto muy entrañable, sois muy guapas las dos. Me alegro que hayas tenido un verano repleto de cosas.

  4. You and your daughter are just beautiful. What fun you girls must have had at that dinner. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. What a beautiful loving photo of two beautiful ladies.

  6. Im glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! what wonderful memories you'll have :)