Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back from Vacation

And what a wonderful time we had! Camping, boating and a visit to a museum in Blue Mountain. We really had a lot of fun and probably spent more on gas for the boat and truck than we did anything else. It's crazy! Here are some pictures. One is a picture of Blue Mountain taken from the boat out on Raquette Lake. Beautiful view out on the water!

Also here is a picture of a Blue Heron we watch feed on the other side of the river by our campsite. He was only about 30 feet from us and couldn't have cared less. Be sure to pole the pictures to see them enlarged so you can check out the detail.

And to stay on a mini note here are a few pictures of some miniatures showcased in the Blue Mountain Museum. Completely handcrafted chairs and tables, hutches and more. Crafted by Bennie Arnold. I purchased a pamphlet about him and his work. It says that each miniature was executed with dentist's drills, files and a jackknife and each was an exacting scale copy of a real object. Just amazing. I wish I had taken a few more pictures of the collection. Bennie's wife donated 800 pieces of his work after Bennie had passed away. This represented 25 years of his work. It mentions that he sold a lot of his work too. i wonder if anyone out in blogland has a piece of his work. Please tell me if you do or know someone who does. That would be so interesting!
OH MY I think I made a mess of this post! The pictures don't correspond with the writing......please excuse my errors as I try to figure this posting stuff out! What a mess!

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